Preparaciones Magistrales Farmacéuticas (PREMAFARMA) started in 2005 as a company aiming at providing both human and animal welfare, to prepare medications by pharmacists at the highest level, customized for each patient individually.

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      • On September 1st we opened our doors at our current location, 50 meters south from Casa Italia.
      • The idea started with the need for providing the Costa Rican market with unavailable and custom-made medications that pharmaceutical companies found unattractive or non-profitable due to the reduced market. The demand of customized medications grew as mass-produced drugs did not meet all patients’ needs.
      • Our physical facility was 120 square meters in total, 17square meters belonged to the compounding area and 15 square meters to office areas and front desk.
      • The staff included a pharmacist and senior pharmacy students that assisted during certain hours.
      • A North American pharmacist and a Costa Rican pharmacist joined in a partnership in equal parts, both with more than 20 years of experience in pharmacy and deeply passionate about compounding.


      • Student support was continued and two internship students collaborated full-time during the first half of the year, in which they developed a formula for capsules with enteric coating as their graduation project-with the support and assistance of the Pharmacy School Analytic Laboratory from the University of Costa Rica.


      • At this point, it was necessary to increase the staff for the purpose of reinforcing compounding area. Also, a medical sales representative was hired to let more physicians know about the compounding services offered.
      • In July we purchased a new ointment mill, which helped us double the capacity of processing creams and ointments.
      • Further in the second half of the year, remodeling work was done in the front desk area due to the continuous growth we experienced in the number of patients. It was also necessary to extend the capacity of the phone switchboard up to five available lines.
      • Furthermore, all the computers were wired in the same network. The compounding area was enhanced as well, allowing four technicians to work simultaneously- increasing the capacity of operations.
      • Additionally, the first permit from the Union of Veterinary Physicians was granted, authorizing us to compound medications for animal use.


      • We incorporated a delivery service with our own company vehicle.
      • Two more pharmacists were hired in order to support the ongoing work in the Clean Room. At the same time, we were able to expand our portfolio of sterile medications by first providing our patients with parental preparations- initially ascorbic acid for intravenous injection – subsequently with sterile suspensions due to the purchase of an autoclave and sonicator; and finally with the acquisition of a manual pellet press.


      • Another pharmacist was hired in order to attend incoming prescriptions and physicians requests.
      • We were able to increase the volume of parental preparations through the purchase of a peristaltic pump.
      • We also started the development and design of our specialized software “BOS” for the management of prescriptions and inventory.


      • Since the Clean Room had experienced a significant growth, it became necessary to invest in a newer and larger laminar flow hood.
      • The operation of compounding area increased as well; this made necessary remodelingthe area and hiring more employees.
      • At the same time, the materials demanded larger storage space, which lead us to the decision to remodel the warehouse area.
      • Finally, the pilot program “BOS” software to handle inventory, prescription and patient information as well as formula worksheets was ready to be tested.


      • The new and improved compounding area, as well as the material warehouse now included 80 square meters each. We also expanded the staff dining area and by now our facility included around 300 square meters of working area.
      • On the other side, newer appliances were available including a larger laminar flow hood in the Clean Room- 1.82 meters (6 foot) which doubled the size of the former one – and an enclosure for protection from hazardous powders in the compounding area.
      • Another pharmacist was hired in order to support and handle incoming prescriptions and patients requests.
      • Our “BOS” software was installed – it was designed especially to meet PREMAFARMA´S needs regarding prescriptions and inventory management.


      • In order to limit the exposure to hazardous fumes and provide biological safety, we invested in a new laminar flow hood that allowed us to expand our service to chemotherapeutic and biologic medications. Due to these recent upgrades, it was necessary to hire trained staff on aseptic techniques.
      • We also were able to equip an area for dip-coating which helped us expand our service providing enteric coated medications.
      • Lastly we acquired a second manual pellet press for the Clean Room, as well as an air conditioning unit for the compounding area.


      • During this year, we purchased a viscometer and a pH meter in order to improve and optimize compounding. Likewise, it was necessary to acquire a second peristaltic pump due to the increased demand for sterile preparations.
      • The compounding area experienced the same situation of augmented demand, which led us to the purchase of a third ointment mill.
      • Meanwhile, in the compounding area it was necessary to renew our manual equipment for oral dosages forms due to its deterioration.


      • We renew our company vehicles, as well as all our scales – each attached to a printer to ensure data accuracy.
      • Additionally, we started the search for options to purchase an emergency power system due to the constant loss of normal power supply and the need to provide uninterrupted service to our clients.
      • We also obtained a license from SENASA – National Animal Health Service – and became the first pharmacy in Costa Rica with this entity´s approval for dispensing veterinary formulations due to the changes in regulations.
      • We obtained as well an A4M certificate – American Academy of AntiAging Medicine- and became the only pharmacy in Costa Rica who is member of this outstanding academy. This allowed PREMAFARMA to accesscontinuouseducation, both on-line and via personal attendance, regarding antiaging topics and hormonal management.
      • PREMAFARMA became a founding member of the American Society of Men´s Health. This enabled us to access on-line and via personal attendance training regarding men´s health matters and erectile dysfunction as well as its pharmacological and hormonal treatment.
      • Finally, we began executing automatic billing through our specialized “BOS” software.


      • It was necessary to purchase new manual equipment for oral dosage forms in the compounding area due the continuous increasing demand.
      • So far this year, we´ve completely renovated our compressor system in the sterile area due to the approaching end of its service life.

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Telephone: (506) 2225-3774   Fax: (506) 2225-3794
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Address: 50m South of Casa Italia.
Francisco Peralta. San José, Costa Rica.
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